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Council estate chav slag shows her pussy outside gagging for a shag.
Council estate chav slag shows her pussy outside gagging for a shag.

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Kaz is the type of Chavette who would usually hang around the fairground when it’s in town and get fucked by all the travelling Chavs in their tracksuit bottoms and trainers; but when the fair isn’t in town Kaz has to make do with her dildo. However, there is an opportunity to make a few quid here and there when you can play with your pussy the way Kaz can. This little Chav slut can play for hours and come virtually on order.

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It’s not exactly a nice room is it? At Chavley Court they don’t really do interior design if you know what I mean. All the rooms in this council estate are usually painted with this dreadful, public toilet, kind of colour, and the bedding all comes from the £1 shop in their local high street. These Chavs live off their unemployment benefit and whatever they can steal from others. But at least Kaz is doing some honest work here. Not all Chavettes will rob you, you see; some of them will drop their knickers and play with their pussy for a ten pound note! Just make sure you hold it tightly in your hand when you enter the council estate, and don’t talk to anyone in tracky bottoms on the way up.

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This little Chav slut had no idea she was a porn star until our man showed up on her doorstep with an offer she couldn’t refuse. Now the little Chavette is all over the UK in guys heads as they jerk their cocks and dream of a world where Chav sluts were available to anyone at anytime. Well here’s the news guys, they are just that! You can pretty much go along to any council estate in the country and pick up a Chav slut as easily as we have; and let me tell you that they fuck like bunnies that have been caged for too long.

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I can believe it too when I look at how fucking fit she is. Once you get these Chav tarts out of their tracksuit bottoms and trainers they don’t scrub up too bad really, apart from the odd Chavvy tattoo here and there. I wouldn’t kick this Chav slut out of bed though, would you? So if you’re into a bit of Chav sex and you haven’t plucked up the courage to actually ask a Chav for some action then you can always rely on this Chav porn site to give you all the goodies you’re after; we deliver every time!

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Council estate skanks don’t come much dirtier than this Chavette. When you see a Chavette with one of those tiny little denim skirts on like you see in these pictures, just like this, you should never assume that they are wearing panties. These filthy little council estate sluts don’t bother because they know that they are going to get fucked by someone by the end of the day; if not a few people.

They simply love fucking, and the simple fact that this Chav slut is sitting on the steps with her pussy hanging out and her fingers deep inside herself is a clear indication that council estate sluts are always up for a bit of playing with their pussy in the open air; and believe me, they don’t give a fuck who walks past.

When I look at this cheap looking Chav bitch all I can think about doing is eating that pussy. I would simply love to get down on my knees and take it all into my mouth and suck it until it swells. Then I’d flick around that lovely clit and make her come like a wild animal before shoving my cock in there and using her like some form of cheap Chav cum dumpster! It’s just the sort of thing she deserves. I bet this Chav bitch would let you cum all over her pussy and even just inside it; enough to make a nice creampie for people to look at. Then I’d like to watch her play with herself and rub all the cum into her sweet little pussy.

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This horny little Chav slut is one of the finest Asian amateur porn stars we’ve seen on Chavley Court. She lives in a rundown block of council flats with a couple of other Chavettes and a dog. You can imagine them all huddled around that tiny little gas fire in the winter can’t you, in their tracksuit bottoms, their hoodies and their trainers; with all that bling hanging from them. However, looking at this Chav slut, I certainly wouldn’t complain about her being there with her legs open for me when I came home.

Could you imagine having this sweet little Asian Chav waiting for you? It must be fucking awesome!I think the thing that impressed us most about this Chav slut was that her screaming and moaning was so loud and real that it made our ears sting for around a couple of days after; this bitch really gets into her pussy playing. When we gave her one of our dildos she tossed it aside and told us that she’d got an even better one.

Then she brought out this chrome super fast vibe or something. It didn’t bother us too much as long as we got the pussy playing on camera. This Chav tart can really come too. When she really gets going, this council estate slut can squirt for you, and even if she doesn’t squirt you can certainly see that she likes to be well and truly juicy before she actually does the business.

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Look at this Chav slut with her trainers on and all her bling. You’d get no prizes for spotting the Chav in these images would you? Just look at her for Christ’s sake! I love the fact that she’s still wearing her trainers; she must have had on a little skirt or something (and I bet she had no panties on either). Anyway, none of that matters anymore because she’s naked and she’s there on the screen in front of you for you to enjoy.

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