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Chav bangles and trainers

Look at this Chav slut with her trainers on and all her bling. You’d get no prizes for spotting the Chav in these images would you? Just look at her for Christ’s sake! I love the fact that she’s still wearing her trainers; she must have had on a little skirt or something (and I bet she had no panties on either). Anyway, none of that matters anymore because she’s naked and she’s there on the screen in front of you for you to enjoy.

There is nothing quite like seeing a nicely decorated wrist covered in bangles, flying in and out of a Chav babe’s pussy is there? And when you see this Chav slut playing with her pussy, you’ll see that she’s so fast and furious with her fingering skills that you’ll hardly have time to see them going in and out!

It doesn’t take her long to come either, but then at the rate she finger fucks it’s hardly likely to. When she comes she squeals like a sweet chav pig. This council estate whore is one of those babes who know just how much you guys like to hear them squeal and moan when they fuck themselves with dildos; and besides, it’s also good practice for when they get a real guy to fuck them and they want him to think that they’re having a good time; you have to watch this chavette’s they’ll really trick you!

Chav milf likes to fuck herself

It must be boring sitting up in those high rise flats on those shitty council estates. So what does the average woman of leisure get up to when she’s been to sign on and there’s no boozer open? Well she goes home on to her council estate, and into her chav flat and she sets about fucking herself hard with anything she can find; in fact I’m not quite sure what that is halfway into her pussy, are you?

Chav milfs are the best mature ladies you’re every likely to get online simply because they are constantly trying to look younger and hotter. It might not do it for you, but there are men out there in the world of Chav porn that look for something like this. We cater for the masses I’m afraid, so if there is something that doesn’t quite do it for you then you’re looking a the wrong Chavettes my friend.

This milf might look like any other chav girl you’re likely to meet cruising the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon, but you must remember that some of those milf chavs you meet will have featured on Chaverly Court and are celebrities; well sort of celebs anyway. Mind you, spotting one of these chavs might be difficult, simply because they all the same. I suppose logic might suggest that the ones who have been in our porn movies will have more money, so they might have a little more gold and bling than the others!

Sexy Milf Chav

It isn’t often we see the milf chavs on this site is it? But here she is in all her glory, this mature, and very sexy example of a chav. This council estate whore has plenty to offer the viewer of chav porn, and when you’ve finished with the clips (if you ever do get finished with them) then be sure to go over to Chaverly Court and check out this big, beautiful, filthy chav slut and see just what else she gets up to in the full version of her movie.

She is very proud of her success on Chaverly Court and she actually wants to turn the whole website into a kind of x rated soap opera or something! Can you imagine it, a soap opera on a council estate with a load of chavs fucking each other? It sounds great doesn’t it? I’d sign up to see that every night of the week and twice on a Sunday before my lunch; it would beat the shit out of Eastenders.

I think if I was to head up the directorial duties on that show I’d want to take a lead role to. I’d be the nasty landlord that bothers the council estate chavs for their rent, and when they can’t pay I make them play; with themselves that is, and then me. I would let them off a week’s rent here and there for a blow job every day when I demanded it! WOW! Maybe I should do that for real and go out and buy up some old council estate properties and meet the tenants. Chavs are there for fucking, and they’re real dirty when you get the right ones. This is one right here on your screen now, just go and look at her clips and you’ll see for yourself!

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